Thursday, September 1, 2016

Time for College! Sort of.

This is the year. My first born son will be going to college! Exciting, right? 


I have been reading all my friends posts about their kids heading off to college, dorms, a new chapter in life, etc., and all the tears and hugs and pride and love involved and I could only think one thing.

No Fair!

I want that!

 Alas, my son? Not so much. But hey, why let facts stand in the way of my dreams???? So, here it post about my kid starting college!!!

1. Here we are registering for classes!! 

Please make note of the special excitement he is feeling! I mean, sure, he didn't get into his first choice, which was Gap Year U, but still, he did get into his safety school, Part-Time Community College! We couldn't be happier. Well....we could be, but oh well.

2. Here is his dorm room!

It looks a lot like his bedroom, because it is. See how ready for school he is with his computer out and doing homework? Or watching YouTube, I don't really know.

3. Here is his new roommate! Her name is Sam! Cute name for a girl, right? Obviously we have a co-ed situation going on here, but we are cool with that! (On his own for cleanliness and clearly not sweeping under the bed!)

4. Since his dorm came with everything he already owns, we saved a fortune on Rubbermaid containers and all the boxes we didn't have to buy for the stuff we didn't have to pack! And my husbands back is still in great shape, since he didn't have to move anything! Bonus for us!!

5. We did a TON of shopping at Target. Luckily, none of it was for him! Here are a few photos of all the things we didn't have to buy!

6. Here is where he will do his laundry.  He really needs to learn the when someone else is using the dryer, it's not cool to remove their clothes and toss them on top in a nasty, wrinkled heap. Dorm shenanigans!!!! (Seriously, this happens again and his new "dorm" will be under a bridge somewhere.)

So, here we are at home, and I would be wondering what he is doing, but I can hear him upstairs yelling at Call of Duty, so I already know.  I would worry about what he eats, but I still cook him dinner, so I'm fine there. I would question him about who his friends are, but they are in my house most days. I would be concerned about if he is going to class or not, but since his 2 classes are Monday and Wednesday mid-day and I'm here to see him off, it's all good.

 I didn't get my big University send off and he didn't get his much desired gap year, so there are no real winners here.

Unless you factor in how much cheaper community college is, and then I AM THE WINNER!