Saturday, September 10, 2016

Age vs. Genetics

So, here's a little story going back 5 years. 

Bonus Daughter was in her first year after high school, 18 or 19, and she went through a "phase" of locking her keys in her car. All the time. It was happening on such a regular basis that The Hubs decided he was going to remedy this situation, or at least our involvement in this situation, by purchasing her one of those metal magnetic boxes that you can stash an extra key in and hide under your car. 

We felt very clever with our low tech solution. Until shortly thereafter she called for us to run her our extra key. Again. The Hubs reminded her that there was on in the box and she said she knew that, but the problem was she had locked her keys in the day before, used the metal box and now both sets were locked in her car because she hadn't gotten around to putting it back.

You remember these right? Everyone had one.

At that point we were amazed to find that someone could lock TWO sets of keys in their car just days apart. Stunned is a better word. We thought it was really just unheard of.

Fast forward 5 years. Thing 1 was 18 this past Wednesday, 19 this past Friday. First year out of high school.

Wednesday it was his first day of math class and the calls me to tell me he is going to be late because he has locked his keys in his car at the gas station and should he still go to class? Uhhh....YEAH, dude, you should.

Then Friday morning at 8 a.m. he calls to ask if I can bring him the extra key because he has locked his keys in his car again, a mere 2 days later. I take him the key and when I hand it over to him I tell him to take it and get a copy made. And then this happens......

Him--I don't need a copy, this is the extra one.

Me-- I know, but you need another extra.

Him--I already have one.

Me--I know, but you need another so you can put one in a metal magnetic box and have it with you

Him--I already have one.

Me--What do you mean? Where is it?

Him--It's locked in the car.

Me--You have TWO keys locked in the car?



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