Sunday, November 20, 2016

Get Over It

11 days ago, Donald Trump won the electoral college and as such is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Nearly instantly, almost anyone who didn’t vote for him was incensed, saddened, and/or frightened. And anyone who did vote for him took to social media with one message for them……”Get over it.”  

7 year and 10 months ago today, Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States for the first time. For 2863 days, as he has been President, I have listened to lies and garbage from people who did not vote for him and did not want him as President, many of them the same people who voted for Trump.

You want me to “get over it” when for the better part of the last 8 years you didn’t? Or couldn’t? Or just wouldn’t?

For the last 8 years

·      You spent 5 years questioning his place of birth, acting as though there was a question when it was well established fact. You supported a sheriff (mine) and a candidate (yours) who sent teams of people to Hawaii and claimed “they cannot believe what they are finding.”  What they found was nothing.
·      You defended the First Amendment rights of people who shot at photos of Obama or lynched and burned him in effigy, but deride the Trump protestors as whiny crybabies.
·      You complained that he has no experience in governing because he was “only” a one term senator and referred to him as a “community organizer.” Then you voted for someone who has no idea what he is doing and claimed that was a good thing.
·      You claimed Obama was not a Christian at all and was actually a secret Muslim, over and over and over again. In fact, you are still claiming it while voting for a man who has stated he has never asked for forgiveness of his sins because he doesn’t need forgiveness.
·      You screamed every minute of every day that Obama was going to take your guns, my guns, all the guns. No guns have been taken.
·      You said horrible things about his wife and children and marriage, going so far as to claim Michelle Obama is a man, while voting for someone with 5 kids from 3 different wives who cheated his way out of every marriage.
·      You claimed none of it had to do with race while people simultaneously fill twitter and facebook with tweets and memes using the word n****r. Then you vote for a candidate that was endorsed by the Neo-Nazis and the KKK.
·      You have wailed and gnashed your teeth the entire time because the country is “heading in the wrong direction!” And yet-
                The unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half from 9.3% to 4.9%
                 Violent crime has dropped 16% and homicides dropped 13%
                Jobs are up by 9.3 million and long term unemployed is down by 600k
                US crude production is up by 87% and petroleum imports are down by 62%
                Corporate profits are up by 166%, the S&P is up 139%, the Dow 106% and the
                Nasdaq up 222%

Then you told me to not to listen to anything Trump has said, because that doesn’t matter and he doesn’t mean that, but rather wait and see what he does.

·       He named a known and admitted alt-right white supremacist as is Chief Strategist
·      He either actually didn’t know about the hate crimes committed after the election and had to be told by Lesley Stahl or he lied about not knowing because he didn’t want to deal with it. I can’t decide which is worse.
·      He has refused to put his investments in a blind trust, instead insisting his kids will run his businesses.
·      He then appointed his kids to his transition team.
·      Then he took his daughter and son-in-law into a meeting with the Japanese PM. With no security clearance. And they are supposed to be running the “blind trust.”
·      He appointed for Attorney General, a man who was deemed too racist to be a judge in the 1980’s.
·      He has chosen a VP who believes gay people should change their sexual orientation through therapy and then complains when a theatre cast containing black and gay members try to send him a message about inclusion.
·      He jumped back into twitter by telling a complete lie about the letter from the editor of the NYT’s, claiming they “apologized” when no such thing happened.
·      He tweeted that the NYT’s was losing thousands of subscribers when they have actually increased subscribers at a rate 4 times higher than normal since the election.
·      He tweeted that there were “professional protestors” who were being “very unfair!” like some petulant 6-year-old.  Professional protestors do not exist and he was just perpetuating a ridiculous conspiracy theory that he either doesn’t care is wrong (scary) or doesn’t know is wrong (more scary.)
·      He falsely took credit (again on twitter) for keeping a Ford plant in Kentucky when, according to the President of Ford, they were never going to move, close or even reduce production at that plant. They were considering moving production of one car away, but ramping up production on others, but no jobs were ever in danger there. Because the union has a contract protecting workers until at least 2019.
·      He has appointed people to his transition team who want to register all Muslims and claim the internment of Japanese people as legal precedent.

And it has only been 11 days people. 11 days.  I have listened to your shit for 2863 days and I never said “you lost, get over it” despite the number of times I thought it. 

So, near as I can figure, I have 2852 days to say and do whatever I want in regard to Trump before I break even with you, let alone surpass you. So when you tell me to get over it, I have just one response for you….


I will not listen as you try to shame me into doing something you would never do.
As you try to convince me that I need to respect the “office” if I don’t respect the man, even though you never did.
 When you say that I need to come together for “unity” when you refused for 8 years to even consider it.
When you say that “his success is my success” when you have denied every Obama success even happened.

I am not going to get over it
As a matter of fact
I haven’t even gotten started yet.