Sunday, September 11, 2016

30 Days Is A Long Time

I am having a hard time keeping up with the 30 days of blog posts all of a sudden. Well, I suppose it's not all of a sudden, it's the logical progression. I knew the challenge was coming ahead of time, so I had several ideas that were bouncing around in my head. I also had a couple posts that were works in progress to fill in the gaps, so it was easy to keep up in the beginning. Then, as I worked through those, I came to the part where I need to have new ideas, they need to fit in with the time frame of other events and I need to try to get back out in front. 

All things that I suck at because I am a procrastinator. 

So, here we are, but I am determined not to give up! So, do I just spend the next 19 days filling ym blog up with some stream of consciousness crap? Sweet Jesus I hope not. I need a nice chunk of time to get some pieces going that I can them form into whole pieces as we go along.

So instead I spent the weekend planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas for me and the Hubs.

See how this works with me. It's not that I have some adult ADD going on at all. Or that I don;t realize what I have to do, because I am perfectly well aware. Im just a lazy procrastinator, which is a deadly combination.

So here is my promise to more "running thoughts" or "journaling" crap. I hate journaling anyway. I will get my act together and take this challenge a little more seriously. 

And then on October 1st, I will have a big bottle glass of wine to congratulate myself! And you can have one to congratulate me too!

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  1. I am not at the point of struggling with the challenge yet, but I did have to take a day off of posting for a family emergency. I may get to the point later this week though.