Thursday, September 8, 2016

19 and 76

Today is Thing 1's 19th birthday. It is my Mom's 76th birthday ( didn't hear that from me.) We had gifts, cake and a family birthday dinner, like usual. What we didn't have is some planned party full of friends and bounce houses. No themes. No silly invites. No party bags. No balloons. 

While I can emphatically state all of that was a logistical pain in the ass, I do miss a large gathering of people here to celebrate my people. Adult birthdays have a decidedly anti-climactic feel to them.

Celebrating in 2005. DO NOT TELL MY MOTHER THERE
IS A PICTURE OF HER ON THE INTERNET. (ps--also, I don't miss 
Chuck E. Cheese's)

I think that as I am seeing the definitive end to so many years long traditions I am feeling nostalgic for days gone by. 

So, while I have no wish to make 25 party bags full of whatever cheap garbage I could gather from Oriental Trading, I still miss the gathering. The joyfulness of people wishing blessings on my children, the excitement of their little friends at the idea of a party. The love of cake. The anticipatory thrill they had of the impending festivities.

Those were good days indeed.

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