Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Funnies-A Weekly Round Up

This weeks Sunday Funnies--Shit My Kids Are Pissed Off About This Week

If you don't live with teenagers you might not realize this, but they can be as ridiculously emotional as toddlers. Seriously.

The following is a list of things that my kids got pissed about this week. And was a pretty quiet week around here!

Garlic butter crust on the pizza hut pizza. ( I just can't even. Whatever crazy people.)

Employers of teenager being upset that teenager was late for work because teen refused to get their ass out of bed (we would be the aforementioned employers and he has been warned. Repeatedly!)

Accidentally letting it slip that there were 2 instagram accounts and the fall out of said confession. (Seriously? And it slipped because she was pissed at Instagram to start with!)

Being asked (somewhat abruptly) "Did you just shove past that guy?" when they CLEARLY just shoved past that guy. (Manners....know them, learn them, use them.)

Being told people are work are tired of the "attitude." (People at home are too, FYI.)

The teacher telling someone else to stop eating in class. ("But he was eating apple slices!" Special dispensation for healthy snacks?)

The possibility of failing the drivers permit test. (But oddly enough, not the actual failing of said test.)

Other people using the dryer. )One dryer, 6 people...back of the line loser.)

Me eating 5 of their Chili Cheese Fritos. (From the large bag, I might add in my defense.)

Being tired. (BECAUSE I'M NOT????? )

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