Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Movie Wrap Up

We went to the movies this weekend.  Twice.  I guess I should say that The Hub's and I went twice.  The Spawn stayed home for the second movie, although Thing 1 gave me the evil eye when I told him what we had seen.  However, before you start to feel sorry for him, know that we were gone from the house for FOUR hours and he never noticed.  Yeah.

So, of course we went to see Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron, because Iron Man.  Because Thor too.  I mean, really?  

We took the Spawn and The Spawn's Friends to this one.  At one of those places that serves you dinner and DRINKS in your seat.  That you can reserve 2 months ahead of time so you have the best ones in the house. 

If you have seen and enjoyed any of the Marvel movies, it does not disappoint.  And on the off chance you live in some sort of weird cave where you have never seen any of the Marvel stuff, GO!  You will enjoy it!  Everything explodes!  And I do mean EVERYTHING!  What more could you ask for?  It looks like some regulars are leaving and there are new characters being added and Im not really sure how I feel about that, but no one asked me.

Then on Saturday The Hub's and I went to see "Ex Machina"  This one you may not have heard of.  Here's the trailer....

I picked this one because I rely heavily on Rotten Tomatoes and it had a 90% from critics and viewers.  Also because I wanted to go to the movies and I have seen everything else, pretty much.  

Let me just say this.......all the "drama" and "thriller" parts in the trailer?  Thats pretty much all of them.  And they last just about that long.  The rest involves the 3 people talking.  Now, thats not a BAD thing, by any means.  There is a lot of tension between Nathan and Caleb and you are never really sure how Ava's going about this whole thing.  Does she realize what's really happening?  I never really got past thinking of her as a machine so I didn't really buy it when Caleb did, but whatever.  Again, no one asked me.  It was definitely the one that will stick with me longer, just because it was so different.  Also, wherever they shot that movie was GORGEOUS!  The scenery, the home, the entire way it was shot was stunning.  Its really almost worth seeing just for that.  Throw in an interesting story and it was totally worth the $15.00 we spent.

That and the 4 hours out of the house sans spawn.

So that was our movie weekend.  2 is good for us.  Not our best though....sometimes we go 3 or 4 times.

I love the movies.


  1. I love the Avengers! I also love that there was the obligatory shirtless Thor scene... he was in water too, an added bonus! Summer mindless fun movie season has officially begun! Yay!

    1. Summer blockbusters are the most fun, aren't they?!