Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No I Won't and You Can't Make Me

Today is May 19th.  In the next 10 days, I have all of the following happening.......

1 hair appointment, 4 Drs appointments ( oh yeah people!  FOUR), Thing 2 is going to a water park and to an end of the year dance, Thing 1 has to play in the band at graduation, a Bette Midler concert with my Mom for her Mother's Day gift, 2 dinners with friends I haven't seen in years, a 3-day holiday weekend, church on Sunday, church for Thing 2 on Saturday, an appearance in court to read a Victim Impact Statement, the last day of school, Thing 1 has finals, Thing 2 is leaving for church camp in California for 5 days and I have make payment and arrangements for that, 2 half days at school, one hiking date, two coffee dates, a husband who wants a date, a photo shoot for friends, a middle school awards program that I can't attend since its the exact same time as the court appearance, Comic Con for Thing 1, and I need to make sure they finish with all their assignments DONE.  Plus all my regular work since the business doesn't slow down for this, they will all want dinner, clean clothes, lunches, etc.

All by the 29th.  10 days.  

And the first person who dares to say to me "You will miss all this when they are gone" will be the first person to get their head knocked off.  No, actually I won't.  The weather is beautiful right now.  I could be walking, gardening, or more likely, sitting on my porch drinking coffee and reading a book.  And that would be preferable in every single way!  There is not one thing about this level of insanity I will miss.

Of course this was written by a man who probably 
never did a load of laundry......

The implication with that statement is that if you are a Good Mom, a Mom Who Loves Her Job, a Mom Who Loves Her Kids, then this is somehow all rainbows and unicorns for you. Or unicorns shitting rainbows.  Whatever.  Well, let me tell you something....I love my kids.  I love being a mom....the proof is that fact that given the attitudes and difficulties right now, I continue to do it!!!  Because believe me when I say that if I didn't love them I would have been OUT OF HERE ages ago!  But I don't have to love all the crap work.  Just like I love my garden, my fresh tomatoes and cilantro, and I continue to garden all the time, but I do not love picking weeds.  I just don't.  Sorry.  Not.  Im really tired of people implying that if you love something, you have to love ALL of it!  

Sure, there are things I will miss.  Mostly, they are the things I already miss, like the snuggles and kisses from when they were little, the Mommy I love you's I used to get, the cute little stories at bed time, being able to carry them.  For some reason, I miss that one a lot!  I'm sure if I wrack my brain I can find things about this stage of life I will miss also.  Sometimes they are quite witty and funny (as opposed to smart-assy, which also happens), I will miss having a large supply of people to attend movies with, I will certainly miss going to bed at night knowing everyone is safe under the same roof with me.  I will miss hearing them laugh as they watch TV or YouTube videos.

But there is absolutely NO CHANCE I will be sitting around in my dotage wishing for 6 loads of laundry, driving 45 miles in a day around in the same 5 mile radius, checking grades online, yelling about missed homework and being answered in some sort of exasperated tone complete with rolled eyes. 

You know how I KNOW this???  

Because it's not what I plan to do with my grandchildren.

Yep.  Think about that one for a minute.  The best part about having grandkids (or so I hear) is that you get to do all the fun stuff and then hand them back to their parents!  So I plan to bake cookies, play in the yard, read books, snuggle...you know, the good bits.  All the laundry, cleaning, cooking dinner every day, running here there and everywhere?  Im out.  I'll attend the school concerts, awards, etc. and the only person I'll be responsible for getting there on time and in the correct clothes will be myself. 

When they are teenagers and want to complain about their parents I will listen sympathetically, agree with whatever they say, and tell them stories about how awful their parent were as teens too.

It's the least I can do for my kids in order to PROVE how much I love them!!!  

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