Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Are Taking Different Vacations

Ok, ok, before you all start thinking that we have lost our minds, or that our marriage is on the rocks, let me tell you that while we are taking different vacations, we are all going the same place.


It's like a little over week the Hubs, the Spawn and I are going on vacation. Together. The same place but a different trip.

I will have the kids with me.
He will have the kids with him.
He and I will actually be in all the same places, at the same time (except for maybe the Starbucks) and sleeping in the same bed.

So how is it a different trip? I will be taking a well organized, thought out, paid for in advance, itineraries included vacation. The Hubs on the other hand will be taking a magical excursion where things materialize in front of you, kind of like Disneyland, but without the kids, cartoon characters and rides.

How does this happen, you may wonder? Well, let me tell you...

Packing.  I am in charge of making sure that 3 people are fully outfitted for a trip from the desert where it is a balmy 78 degrees everyday to Iceland and London, in the winter. That means coats, shirts, flannels, socks, boots, gloves, pants and hats in addition to all the "regular" stuff like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, medications, blah, blah, blah. As a rule, we do not own all of this stuff. Each of us owns some, but no one owns all, so this requires an advance inspection of what each person has available and trips to the mall.

The Hubs is bringing whatever he wants and buying whatever he forgets.

Iceland is cold

Travel. I am in charge of producing passports, complete with required pictures and accompanying documents, for all 4 of us. Additionally we will all have ID's for backup because you can't turn teenagers loose in a foreign country with their one and only passport and hope to ever get them home. They lose glasses, socks, shoes and jackets at alarming rate, they cannot be trusted with anything important. I have scheduled all 6 of the flights with enough time for changing airlines in Denver and will be bringing the paper copies of the tickets just in case. I have suitcases for everyone and am up to date on baggage rules.

The Hubs will show up at the airport when I tell him and *poof* be whisked away.

Accommodations.  I am in charge of choosing the Air BnB apartment we are staying at in London, finding the nearest tube stop to get there and figuring out what amenities it has. I have also chosen the hotel in Iceland based on location and ability to see the northern lights if they come out. I have picked and reserved the rental car in Iceland after deciding that is must be automatic since the Hubs gets airsick and might not be able to drive when we land and I don't do stick shift. It is big enough to fit all of us and our luggage. The hotel has a bed for everyone individually and will wake us up for the northern lights so no one has to be disturbed who doesn't want to be (read: Hubs). This involved 3 different websites, a couple hours of research, about 10 emails and 2 confirmations numbers.

The Hubs will sleep when he is tired.

Itineraries.  I am in charge of booking the date and time of the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, London travel card passes so we can use the tube, finding out where to get the red tour buses from out apartment and choosing a tour company, a date and booking a trip to stonehenge, all paid for in advance. I am also in charge of figuring out where we are so we can get on the stonehenge tour bus at the right pick up place, where that pick up place is and how to get there from our apartment and what time we have to be there, or all money is forfeited. 

The Hubs will hop on a bus and enjoy!

Details.  I have obtained a converter to charge the electronics. I have downloaded apps so we can call each other and home. I have had all my credit cards replaced with cards with chips in them. I have notified the bank and credit card companies of our travel plans. I have cash and know where it can be exchanged upon arrival. I have google earthed our apartment and know where the nearest grocery stores and restaurants are because we will be arriving late and everyone will be hungry.

The Hubs is looking forward to eating fish and chips.

You see....same vacation, only different. And in all reality, this is probably my own fault anyway. I insisted we go on this trip because the Hubs really sees no point in traveling too much. I'm also a control freak and the idea of anyone else being in charge of all this would make my skin crawl because they would totally do it wrong!

But here is a fun fact.....the credit card companies only let you order a new card if your name is on it. So guess whose credit cards will work and whose won't?


  1. This is amazing. I love to read your writing. Have a great trip!

  2. This is amazing. I love to read your writing. Have a great trip!

  3. I hope the new cards ordered have the EMV chip in them, otherwise you will have a very difficult time charging anything in Europe.

    1. Good to know! Ill double check that!